SistaCoach Program

Sista Coach ProgramSan Joaquin County Public Health Services

The DHC SistaCoach Program is a unique personal support advocate program that works to empower parenting Black/African American women in San Joaquin County. Our SistaCoaches  provide support to pregnant and new African American mothers during their pregnancy and up to one year postpartum.

Our SistaCoaches provide individualized education, advocacy and support around:

  • Health, Wellness and Nutrition
  • Pregnancy, Birth and Breastfeeding
  • Mental health, trauma and stress reduction
  • Access to health care
  • Basic needs/resources
  • S.M.A.R.T. goal setting


  • African American Woman (self-identify)
  • 16+ years of age or older
  • Pregnant or Parenting child under 3 months
  • No Income Requirement

For enrollment or more information contact: Tamesha Valverde (209) 751-3908 or

Meet your SistaCoach Team!


Delta Health Care - SistaCoach Program

Dymon says, "I am a soon to be wife and a mother of 3 beautiful munchkins. I started my motherhood journey in 2015, loving with every moment driving me to future educate myself in the breastfeeding world.

Along this path, I have become passionate about the disparities that we face in our community. This has led me to becoming a breastfeeding peer counselor, aspiring doula and eventually an IBCLC. If I can be the light that I received when I wanted to give up, I have fulfilled my purpose."


Delta Health Care - SistaCoach Program

Crystal says, "I am a wife, mother, emerging scholar, and maternal-child mental health paraprofessional deeply rooted in Stockton, Ca.

My advocacy for healthy families began well over a decade ago. My passionate research concerns breastfeeding amongst African American mothers in San Joaquin county in efforts to eliminate barriers and improve benefits for both mothers and children as it relates to life expectancy.

As your SistaCoach, it is my duty to provide undivided support and help you achieve your healthy family goals. Thank you for choosing me."


Delta Health Care - SistaCoach Program

Khadija says, "I am a wife of 12 years and a mother of 3 children. I entered motherhood in 2011, with the support of the my husband we built our empire the best way we knew how, and that was together.

Currently, I am a breastfeeding peer counselor, Doula in training and aspire to be a midwife. I am blessed to be in the position as your Personal Support Advocate-Sista Coach.

I am forever grateful to have the opportunity fulfill a piece of my life's purpose in changing the narrative of what motherhood and family looks like in my community, by highlighting our divine strength and majestic beauty as a unit!"


Delta Health Care - SistaCoach Program Manager

I am the proud mother of two breastfed sons and an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Over the last 18 years, I have developed a deep passion for Black Motherhood, specifically, Black Maternal and Infant health. I consider it a privilege to provide individualized support to expectant and young families in the community. As the only African American IBCLC in San Joaquin County, it is my mission to encourage, promote, protect, support, and advocate for Black breastfeeding. I believe good maternal health, infant health, birth outcomes and breastfeeding starts with cultivating a true village of support for families.